Atrium Maucamedi: About the author

My name is n.nakamura. I live in Kyoto in Japan. I was born in early '70s in Tokyo. I was playing trumpet in the wind orchestras in the higher grade of the elementary school and in junior high. In high school, I was playing euphonium. When I was a student of a university, I belonged to a chorus group, and conducted the chorus group for one year. Now I am engaging in the research of a fundamental field of science.

My musical interest was originally laid in the music of the 20th century, especially, Stravinsky, Bartok, Webern, Boulez, Xenakis and so on... One day in 1997, I met a disk of David Munrow, "Music of the Gothic Era", and the disk gave me a deep impact, because the sonority of that period is highly nontrivial to modern ears. Soon, I was hooked on medieval music.

And then, I collected CDs, books, music scores of medieval music, and studied the notation of that period and Latin, and tried to read original manuscripts and treatises of medieval music theory, and made MIDI data of medieval music. Finally, this website was made.